About Us

     We've been in business since 1984 making Conventional, Fashion, Custom and Costume Jewelry. I decided I wanted to make a different kind of jewelry, that's when I began to research wire wrap jewelry.
It's an old art credited to the Phoenician Empire. As far back as 1000 BC there's evidence of wire use in jewelry. Biblical scholars have identified wire sculpting as an ancient art form. It's very interesting to know today, wire wrapping has become popular because of the uniqueness and the individuality of each piece. The patterns themselves are beautiful, attaching beads and/or stones to the jewelry without any need for welding or glueing.
     I've been making wire wrap sculpted jewelry for 8 years now and I love making this jewelry because each piece is absolutely Original, Inspiring, Distinguished, Eye-Catching, Dazzling, Elegant, and most of all Exquisite. I've sculpted and designed each piece with you the customer in mine. 
Loving My Wire!
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